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Your complete source for Tapes, Poly Bags and Liners, Hand Stretch Film, Machine Stretch Film, Stretch Wrappers, Automatic and Semi-automatic, Printers, Steel Strapping, Poly Strapping, Polypropylene Strapping, Strapping Machines, Strapping tools, Case Sealers, Waxes, Bulk Packaging, Cheese Packaging, Food Wraps, Shrink Bags, Vacuum Packaging. Call and ask us about custom packaging and equipment built for your specific needs.

Featured Products
Duct Tape
Poly Bags and Liners
Wulftec Stretch Wrappers
Polyester cloth / polyethylene film with an aggressive pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive combines to provide a quality utility product. Conformable to irregular surfaces.
Trash can liners, drum liners, box liners, carton liners, garbage bags, covers and more
Pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping equipment ensures maximum efficiency while cutting labor and stretch film costs
Stretch Film
Squid Ink Printers
Poly strapping, Polypropylene strapping, Steel strapping, Strapping Machines, Strapping Tools and much more
Minimum number of wraps to cover the load. Excellent puncture resistance. Superior strength for any application. Machine or hand wrap. Anti-fogging
DOD and Hi- resolution Printers, Inks, Cleaners, Controllers, Stands and more. Demo equipment available. CALL!